Picky Bars - Real Food Energy Bar

Category: Camp Kitchen

I took one of these bars to the North Cascades July 2014. I'm glad I only took one. It tasted terrible. I think it was the worst tasting bar I've ever eaten, and I've had more than my share. I had a couple more at home that went in the garbage.

Ugh, these are way too sweet. Sure, they're vegan, but ugh, why so much sugar? It's what's killing us Americans in so many ways.

These are great- all good ingredients- pretty fresh (only about a 6 month shelf life) sugars from fruits etc. taste great, not dry - -just the right proportion of carbs and protein after a cardio workout. I hate bars that are too sweet or that need a gallon of water to choke down. I think I have tried them all! These are by far my new fave.

This is an amazing snack product! Delicious flavor, good ingredients, and a small company that you can feel good about supporting. I might have to subscribe to the company's monthly subscription service these are so tasty!

Smooth Caffeinator flavor- tastes great, quality ingredients, nice caffeine energy boost.

I thought the flavor and texture was great. Not sticky and easy to eat while riding. Results even better with quick and sustained energy. My new go to for nutrition when it counts.

I bought these to test out for an upcoming trip and could barely finish it. I appreciate that they are trying to make something that's natural, but omg please work on the taste.

Great taste, very chocolatey but not greasy or melty. Ate with one hand while driving home in traffic, arrived safe and happy with no chocolate on my shirt.

I've had a lot of bars over the years, but Picky nails it when it comes to combination of texture, flavor, and quality. It's time to move on from Clif!

This bar got me through the end of a 50 mile bike ride. It was good, but not all that different, in taste & texture, from much cheaper options.

The flavors are great and the names are fun. The texture is good, and it doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth, like many other bars do.

I love the taste and texture of these bars and Picky Bars got me through my first UltraMarathon on trails last weekend! Highly recommend!

I bought this Bar to try and it's a rich consistency for dayle snack. Not my favorite but who cares, it's good in its nutrients.

I like the that its natural and it tastes great. I like to have some of these when I go hiking and get hungry on the trail.

My husband said these are the best bars he’s ever had...and we’ve tried them all.

Delicious! Hands down the best bars out there! I can’t wait to try more!

Wasn’t loving or even liking.. Did fill me up on trail though.


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