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finally a mid/light wt coat with 4 roomy pockets that load from top not side with flaps and hand warmer slots behind the main pockets. this highly functional arrangement used to be common, now it's verrrry hard to find.

This jacket looks fantastic, and has a nice balance of form and function. It keeps me dry on drizzly days. You'll need another layer if it's below 40F. Material is wax coated, but soft and flexible. Hood looks great, and packs up in the neck nicely. During winter, I wear this as an outer shell, with a down jacket underneath. Sizing is a bit large... I'm usually a Medium-Large, but the Small fits me perfectly. You might want to consider a size down.

The usual great looking gear from Kühl. Appears to have high quality construction. Cant wait for some lousy weather to wear it.

This is my first KUHL product, and frankly my first jacket purchase in the PNW. I have had this jacket going on two years, and love this item. It is perfect for windy days and overcast weather. The hem and joint stitching is extremely durable. There is plenty of room for movement, but this jacket tends to fit slim. Does a good job of wicking away rain and moisture alike. The hood brim is just a little too short on my head, so I wear a billed hat when it drizzles. I would recommend touching up the wax protective coating once every three months. I will be buying more KUHL products in the future for sure.

I ordered this jacket in store about a year ago, and it has proven to be a worthwhile purchase. It is a perfect fall/spring jacket. The material is offers sufficient wind and rain protection, and looks fantastic! However, keep in mind the jacket is pretty thin and does not provide any insulation. It works well as a shell if you have a warm flannel or hoodie underneath.

Nice jacket. More of a shell or outer shirt than a jacket - material is thinner and lighter than expected, no lining. Not able to notice the wax coating. Cut slim. Smaller than expected from Kuhl sizes given. If you buy one, don't plan to carry much in the pockets: they are flat, tight, and not built to expand. And the zippered hand-warmer pockets have no cant to them: I wouldn't trust anything carried in them to stay in them unless zipped. Chest pockets are big enough for a Galaxy S4 in a case, but nothing longer. Your wallet and your phone will use up the two chest pockets. An inside wallet pocket would have been really nice.The pockets are the real weak point of this shell: my plain ring with just my car, house, office, and bike keys on it seems outright bulky in one of the lower pockets. Good quality hardware. So glad to find something without Velcro! The Teak color fabric has a nice sheen to it too; we'll see if that holds up or is just for being brand new. Can't speak to water repellency yet, but it is sure to be tested soon.

Great looking light jacket, hated the collar. Stiff and bulky around my neck, folding it down made it even stiffer. I didn't wear it other than trying it on, but I think a day of walking would have rubbed my neck raw. Repacking the hood as flat as possible didn't help. (5'10, 180# 17" neck, wide shoulders) Wish they made the hood removable, this probably would have solved the problem. Kuhl seems to run narrow in the shoulders, so consider ordering up a size if you are broad-shouldered or want to layer.

Why I like this jacket: Lightweight, water-repellent, comfortable, stylish enough for dinner out, and useful for holding all the loose ends when boarding a plane. It's enough cover for temperate climates and easily accommodates extra layers for cooler temperatures.

I bought this jacket in Olive Green, wanting a rugged jacket, but I could wear casually as well that would need a 2nd layer. I got exactly what I was looking for and have been a fan of Kuhl for a number of years having purchased 2 other jackets and 2 hiking pants as well. This jacket has an athletic cut, not too long, lots of flexibility and pockets. My only complaint about the jacket is that there aren't any internal pockets but only a minor complaint. The jacket has water proof zippered pockets to put your hands in during rain or a cold environment. The stowaway hood in the collar isn't too bulky and great not to have the hood out at all times. Overall, if you are okay with having a thin jacket that is water repellent (wearing this out in strong rain will more than likely seep through) and wind repellent that you will definitely need a 2nd layer, to wear in a casual environment, that doesn't limit your flexibility than you should purchase this jacket. Since you'll need a 2nd layer...consider getting a size larger than you need.

I've had the jacket for a few months and it did an outstanding job repelling water through the first two rains. Today was the first time its rained in almost two months so I wore it and it failed to repel any water. In a medium rain, I was soaked to the skin in the three blocks it took to walk from the train to the office. It hasn't been washed so I don't know what happened but in three short months mostly hanging in my closet it has lost any ability to repel water.

My new go-to jacket. Looks great, gets a lot of compliments. Ideal for the Norcal coast where insulation isn't needed, but the wind-breaking abilities, waxed canvas, and hood are crucial and work well. The collar is pretty poofy with the hood tucked away, but it's a faultless excuse for having a popped collar (let's face it, all the cool kids do it). Note:

I love this jacket. It’s built like it’s for a construction site but I’ve never felt like I’m compromising fashion for function when I wear it out. It does wonderfully for hiking and can be converted from a heavy duty rain jacket to a more breathable comfotable layer simply by stripping or asding wax to it.

I have a 40" chest, 31" waist, 5'10" and about 172lbs. I bought the M in Raven. Love the look of the coat and it is a bit tapered. Not slim fit like a European coat thought - which is a good thing. Though I would not have minded if the waist was a bit more snug. That being said, the jacket stands up to some mild rain, blocks a bit of wind and has a nice silhouette to it. The material feels quite durable and I am convinced that this coat will have a long shelf life. I would recommend this jacket.

Not very insulated but awesome outer layer. All the big pockets are great for photography or any other occasion when you would need to carry lots of stuff. Its pockets are dope

Unfortunately the zipper doesn’t go all the way up to the neck since it catches on the fold.

I bought this for a Yellowstone trip, it rocked, layered with my REI Puffy Jacket that I also purchased this became my go to jacket for the ever changing weather that I encountered throughout Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. It held up to a hail storm, heavy rains and winds and kept me dry. Prior to this jacket my wardrobe was mostly just sweatshirts and snowboarding jackets. This jacket will now be the jacket I take everywhere and I would buy again. Only gripe is I really wish it had one interior pocket. However the exterior cargo pockets were awesome and as long as you make sure the flap is covering your stuff stays dry. If you forget about the flap and leave it tucked into the pocket during a rain storm your going to have a pocket full of water like I did. Like I said its waterproof and I found pretty water tight in the pockets.

I love this Jacket because of how great it looks. I went to REI with the intent to buy a good looking jacket and this is what I found. I am 6"3" and quite skinny. It has always been a struggle to find clothes that fit, skinny, on taller people, I did not have that problem with this jacket. It does well at keeping the wind out, and keeping you dry. Like the other review say, when its cold you will need to layer.

I purchased this jacket as a layering piece for a trip to Europe in October/November. It worked very well in that role, as it provided adequate protection against wind and light rain while also being thin enough to wear over a sweater or fleece without feeling bulky. The only thing I didn't love about it is that it doesn't have any internal pockets. It would be handy to have one or two for maps/tickets/etc.

I love this jacket I got. Keeps mild rain out and blocks most wind. You will need something under it if you plan on being out in anything less then 35 degrees. I have to buy a new one because I put this on a bar coat hook in pasadena, CA in a very crowded bar and someone saw this and still managed to steal it from under my friend when I went to the bathroom. I will buy again because it's awesome tho.

I bought this jacket on a whim. It looked good, fit well, thought it'd be a great spring jacket.

A nice everyday jacket. stands up to pacific northwest rain not too heavy to hike or ride in into the 40s or high 30s if you are burning calories. not too hot to keep the rain at bay in the 50s. i haven't tried it layered in an alpine environment, but will sheds soil well. haven't tried to wash it yet. I'm 6 feet 200 pounds, 44R. XXL fits

Love this jacket for spring temps or as outer layer if a little chillier than spring. Note the sizes run a bit “slim” so likely will need to go up a size from what you normally buy. I am a Medium in most things but had to go with Large which makes the sleeves a bit longer than I would like. Otherwise great.

I'm 5'11 and 175lbs. bought it in a medium and it fits like a glove. This material and finish (army green) are excellent. Great in a pinch when a shower breaks out. Fantastic to travel with all the pocket space. This has become my favorite jacket in my wardrobe.

This is my second Kollusion Jacket after losing my first one a month or so ago. This jacket fits my like a glove. I got an XL and I’m 6 ft, 200 lbs. I occasionally wear it over my ghost whisperer when it’s cold outside and it does not compress the down to much.

This jacket is versatile enough that one doesn't need to buy the one with a liner. A cozy fleece pullover, or comfy hoodie is enough if one needs layers. The water resistance on this coat makes it a must have for the outdoors weekend hiker in all of us.

My husband absolutely loves this coat. It's lightweight, windproof, mostly waterproof, with a hidden hood to use when needed, and most important to my fashion-conscious husband -- it's a great looking jacket. Very fashionable, love the color and fabric.

haven't had a chance to hike with jacket but for going out doors it keeps the wind off well. When it gets cooler I just put a hoodie on 1st and am warm again .I would recomend getting a larger size if you use it as an outter shell when needed

Great jacket with a good cut that allows you to go from the city to the trail and back without looking out of place. At the same time it’s comfortable, water resistant with a hood and has plenty of pocket storage.

Just enough for chilly early spring or late fall days. Great fabric - soft and comfortable. Collar a bit bulky when hood is rolled away. Only thing I would add would be an inside pocket.

This is a nice lightweight jacket and more practical than wearing a rain shell. The details of the tailoring and design are top-notch. The fit is nice too, not so baggy.

Perfect combination of waterproof, breathable, and stylish. I bought this to stand up to the PNW weather and it did just that. Highly recommend this jacket.

I am 6' 3" and weigh about 235 lbs. I am older, but athletic and regularly lift weights and workout otherwise. I purchased both an XL and an XXL jacket in the Coyote color. The XL fit me like a sweater and if I didn't plan to sit down or do too much activity, it was very form fitting. The arms were tight, the shoulders snug and the waist would make sitting a little uncomfortable if the jacket were zipped. This is with only a light shirt on. So I opted for the XXL which is one to two sizes bigger than my usual jacket. The fit is trim. The XXL will allow for a mid layer if needed, as the jacket is not insulated.

Have found the jacket to be worth every penny so far. I do not mind paying for quality, and in this case, I have been very pleased to date.

Used to walk factories as a consultant. Looks great and great for layering. Thin layer by wind resistant. Comfortable and good length.

Was looking for midweight jacket that could handle rain and wind. Found this jacket and it met objective as well as being fashionable

Nice jacket. I haven't had a chance to really wear it in the elements which it was purchased for; but so far, I'm really impressed!

Has many pockets ideal for travel hiking or town. Very comfortable and has a hood for that often changeable weather.

Great jacket, fits well alone or with an insulated layer. Feels durable, slight water resistance. Highly recommend.

Easily one of the best jackets I've ever owned. Still my go to jacket after six years.

Liked it, fits tight, buy/order one size larger. I did return it. May reorder... XXL

Great jacket, just wish the wax water proofing application was available at REI.

Picked this up at a Georgia location getting ready for bin fire season

This jacket looks and fits great, and is easy to pack when traveling


fits nicely, lightweight, strong material, will be using often

Wore this all over Northern Europe. Love it. Great garment.

Great jacket, high quality and looks great. Color is great.

April in Naples, Tuscany, & Rome - we figured we'd get a bit of rain, but not really cold weather and I didn't want to look (and sound) like a typical American doofus in my hooded red laminated Goretex rain parka that is so noisy when walking around (amazingly waterproof, though!). This jacket seemed like the perfect compromise, and it WAS! I brought a couple of sweaters to layer underneath when necessary (when temps dropped to the high 50's) and otherwise it was my main outer layer for our entire trip, which included visiting wineries in Tuscany, art museums in Florence, and walking 15 miles a day around Rome. The few times it rained (typical Spring showers) I stayed completely dry underneath.


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