AlpineAire Foods - Mountain Chili - 2 Servings

Category: Camp Kitchen

the worst of all backpack food . Took forever to cook and was still dehydrated . even worse on the back end . D-at best

Tastes like mulch, and that’s probably being too leniant.

I bought several AlpineAire flavors to try a new brand of freeze dried meals. I really like anything Mountain House. I haven't had a lot of the Backpacker's Pantry one's yet but most so far are pretty decent (Pad Thai, Curry) with a few are a bit imbalanced (ie too much oregano in the Salmon Pesto Pasta). Everyone has different taste so I don't like to give bad reviews without some context. Maybe if you hate Mountain House, AlpineAire is for you. A few weeks before I ate this chili flavor I had the unfortunate experience of having to (mostly) get through their Mesquite BBQ Chicken (I have, up until that point, never met a BBQ anything I didn't like) and was bracing for what this one might taste like (I have had chili that has disappointed me but never one I couldn't eat). Upon re-hydration it smelled awful. I was unsure if it had gone off. 12 miles & 2700 feet of up dictated that I needed calories. I struggled about a 1/3rd of the way through before my hiking mate commented upon my concentrated look, "What's wrong". "I'm trying to keep this down". "Your kidding". They took a spoonful to try and insti-spat it onto the ground. They looked worryingly at me and said "How are you able to eat that?" "I'm about done. I don't thing I can handle anymore". "You should have told me sooner and I'd have shared mine. No one should be forced to eat that". They let me have a bigger portion of desert out of pity. :) I can eat pretty much anything if I need to. I grew up poor & was taught throwing out food was verboten. I also have a cast iron stomach but this chili made it hurt all night. Upon getting back from the trip I threw the remaining AlpineAire flavors out rather than trying at home or even donating them to a food pantry as I didn't feel that would be any sort of charity.


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