Osprey - Ultralight Dry Sack

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I bought this right before a trip and used it as a pack liner. It has worked great so far with the box shape.

I used the 20L on the PCT as my food bag in 2016. My food never got wet and we weathered some serious storms, and a submersion when I fell in a river. Did it survive the trip? Of course not, I beat the heck out of it for 128 days in the backcountry. It had rips that I tenacious taped, and scuffs from the many bear hangs, and a mouse eaten hole from a very tricky little rodent, but overall I was very satisfied with this bag. I threw it out when I was done because it was also DONE, but it lasted through the long haul. One of the biggest advantages is the squarish shape. It fits much better in a pack than the cylindrical competitors on the market. I’m buying another one for my next big trip. Keep in mind for all the naysayers in this review section, that this is an ultralight bag. Of course the fabric isn’t going to be as tough as some of the others on the market. its ULTRALIGHT! If you want something bomber be prepared to take the hit on weight. You can’t have it all, but In my opinion, this bag is a great product.

I bought this to store some basic essentials in my pack so that packing and unpacking would be less of a chore. after only 20 miles of use in Moab, there's already a hole in it just from being carried around with other gear in my pack. probably will still be fine for hiking, but don't count on this bag for anything more demanding, like kayaking/canoeing or canyoneering.

Was so happy with this purchase. Was able to trek the Narrows with little fear of my personal items getting wet!

This dry bag has been great! It is Air and Water Tight...It is super light and so far I have had no thoughts about how well it works until writing this review. The ebst pieces of gear are ones that work without even thinking about them...Great reliability for a cheap product.

I bought this to keep my dry clothes in when backpacking. It is perfect for that purpose. I haven't tested it's waterproofness but considering It's impossible to push air out of it when it's closed I would assume it's fairly resistant to water.

I used this bag to hang food on a week long trip. The construction is terrible. I put a hole in the sack IN MY PACK. The clasp is flimsy plastic as is the look to attach it with. I would not trust the thing to hold anything more than a pound or two. The top is flimsy and it leaked because it has a weird edge to it that prohibited the folds from sealing. My friend used the REI version and it held up WAY better and was a much better price. So far I am 0 for 3 on Osprey products. This one went right back to REI.

I just bought a paddle board and needed something small to put my keys, water and phone in while cruising around the water. I got the 12L size and it worked perfect. It went in the water a few times and not a drop of water on anything inside. It was never submerged so I can't speak to that, but for my purposes, this was a great and inexpensive buy.

I bought this over a year ago and have been using it as a bear bag to keep rodents and other non-bear critters out of my food when backpacking. The 12 liter pairs well with the Loksak Opsak, which is supposed to reduce the odors from food. This bag is water proof, has a loop for hanging, and comes in great colors. Get a tiny carabiner, some cord, and a little stuff sack for rocks, and you’re all set.

I have several of this type of dry sack and this is the only one I have ever returned. The clasp used to close the sack interferes with the sack when rolled up, making it difficult to close. And the material used to roll the sack tight is not nearly as robust as my other dry sacks.

There is something about the feel of an Osprey product which feel like it is higher quality. Anyway, I purchased a 20 liter bag for extra clothing. The bag has a good strong buckle so you can hang the bag if you care to do so. Can't go wrong with this product.

This dry bag does its job very well. It is extremely compact and lightweight, quite durable, and definitely keeps its contents dry. Also serves as a good bear bag to hang when you find yourself without a proper bag setup.

I bought this as a sack for my Nemo sleeping bag and it was perfect. No struggling to shove my sleeping bag into it, it's super light, and it's so easy to roll up the top and click to seal.

Am wishing I had purchased two of these. It is so easy to use. It is very light weight and it holds just the right amount of small things. Am happy with this purchase.

I was just uyong some additioal dry bags to replace some old stuff sacks. I thought the square design was more of a gimic to give ofsprey a different look for the competion. After 2 months of backing and weekend day hikes i was surprised by the funtionality and effectivness of this product. The square shape of this bag proved itself to function perfectly and without flaw. Straight sides allow for stacking or side by side placement in the pack. Very nice. The square footprint allows the sack to freely stand on its own when in use. Great for trail side when your digging around in your pack, and when you need bith hands available. This is its best feature. I never realized how unstalble round compression sacks were till i tried this one. If you have ever had one roll away from you in the field then you know what im talking about. I kicked this bag, drug it toss it around in the woods. I still have no tears or holes in the bag. All in all the product performs flawlessly. Does what it is suppose to every time. Adds a huge element of conveinence and holds up to the punishing elements of back packing. Ofsprey hit a home run on this product line.

Perfect for my needs. Light, dry, fits my gear. Like the loop at the bottom as it helps when emptying my stuff

I bought this to make sure my Nano Puff stays dry in my pack. I love the shape. Not your typical dry bag.

Great product to keep your clothes dry and organized in your pack.

love the size and how easy it was to use. also love the color


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