GSI Outdoors - Commuter Java Press - 15 fl. oz.

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The first time I went to use it, it did just what some of the other reviews said and got really messy with coffee coming out between the two cylinders, I also read this wasn't a problem for some if you make sure the two cylinders lock in place so I tryied doing so, I couldn't tell if it was or not so I took the lid off to try and take a closer look. Well with the lid off I pressed down on the top and ended up pushing the inner cylinder in so far that the threads for the lid went in too far and now I'm unable to screw the lid back on and have tried everything to pull it back out, I'm returning it to REI with the coffee still at the bottom of it because there's no way for me to get a good enough grip on the inner cylinder to pull it out. 30 MAR 16

On first use, I found this product problematic. I didn't enjoy scalding hot water shooting up my arm from around the sides of the plunger. I think the problem may have been coffee that was too finely ground interfering with the plunger seal. Apply pressure, the seal gives in a spot and shoots up the narrow gap between the inner and outer cylinder. My other complaint is that this design is NOT spillproof in any way. It looks like the top should seal things shut and prevent fluid getting out when it's screwed on and the lid is flipped closed. If you tip this over with the lid sealed, it will spill. This is probably getting returned and I'll stick with my trusty aeropress and a mug.

This product works great if you know what you're using it for. Also it helps to know how NOT to use it. DON'T push down too hard on the inner cylinder. DON'T continue to push harder on the inner cylinder if it gets stuck. DON'T drink out of it. It's for making coffee. It's not a travel mug. DON'T use it without the top on. The inner cylinder WILL get stuck and you will not have the grip to get it out. DO wiggle it up and down if it gets stuck. DO press gently. DO pour it into another mug. If you've filled it to the top, you'll need a BIG mug. Like Ajit Pai big. DO enjoy it. I've been using it for 2 years and LOVE the coffee that comes out of it.

The press will not go down. I put less and less water in each time. The press requires wiggling and pulling it back out multiple times in or order to prevent the hot coffee from purging up through along side of the press. It is supposed to save the step of using a french press and pouring into a cup, it fails its one purpose of convenience.

Might be ok for commuting to work, but not a good camping mug unless you like to sit in camp for awhile in the morning. It tends to leak when you push the plunger down. It's also impossible to sip very hot coffee from it without burning yourself, thanks to the design of the lid. If you try to pour coffee from it instead (i.e., to share it or cool it), it dribbles all over the fabric sleeve. There are much better french press travel mugs out there (double-walled, with a better lid design) for the same money.

No matter what other troubles I have, the coffee is always good. I've been using this for a couple months now and I just can't figure out why it's so hard to use sometimes. I've tried coarse grinding my own beans, using store-bought coffee grounds, different amounts of water, cap open or closed, and there's no rhyme or reason to when it's a dream come true and when I have to use all of my strength to push the inner cylinder down, having to pull it out and start over 4 or 5 times before it'll go all the way in. Once that's all done I always enjoy the coffee, but I never know how the process is going to go. Bottom line, sometimes it's great, and sometimes I start my day completely aggravated. So who knows.

Loved this. Easy to make. I put my course ground Starbucks in the container to store it. The only issue is to not over fill. It will leak out. Coffee was great and stayed hot.

Use this for tea instead of coffee. Drink coffee now and then l, but mostly drink tea. Use this alot at work.

Pushing in the plunger causes coffee to squeeze out almost every time. Mug diameter too large to fit in standard-size cup holder.

This mug is very easy to use and convenient, however one downside is that the coffee tends to leak between the interior (plunger) cup and exterior cup when I take a drink.Putting my thumb below the mouth and over the seam where the two cups meet appears to do the trick, preventing any additional spills. This mug is so convenient that it's a minuscule sacrifice to compensate for the leakage.

I LOVE the idea behind this coffee press. I was so excited to have access to french-press style coffee on the trail! However, the mug leaked each time I brewed the coffee, and no matter how I tried to fix the situation it continued to leak. I tried adding less water, less grounds, but often the water level rises between the two mugs as I press the inner mug down. I can almost never get the two mugs to seal, and find that even when I am able to achieve that, the mug still leaks. I am a bit disappointed with the design of this product.

I have mixed views on this. It makes nice coffee if you follow the instructions but it's a very poor design verging on dangerous when dealing with boiling on water. The seal leaks if you push the it down even a little hard. If you are very careful to apply even pressure then it works OK but even then, boiling water often comes up the sides and spills.

I own an earlier version of this, but the main difference I see is the outer covering has changed. I love the design, it's simpler to clean (which is important in the field) and the parts don't get in the way. I can stuff my coffee in a small bag down the center, and keep enough in my pack for a weekend trip. I haven't found the leakage issue around the seal in the press to be an issue unless i've overfilled the mug, or don't keep it clean. The vent in the center of the lid has been a problem, as when you close it, the vent remains open and is prone to coffee sloshing around and out the top (particularly if the mug is full). It keeps the coffee warm about as well as any other commuter mug, and is lightweight and darned near bullet proof...

Agree with many other commenters, the idea is great in theory, but don't be fooled into thinking this is a travel mug. I used this while hiking through field sites on a field job, and it tends to leak if you aren't careful with it. Fine if you're going to stay still and sip from it, but this is not a travel mug.

I bought this mug knowing it leaks a little. Still a great mug/press. Just know it does not seal %100. Other than that it works perfect. The people that complain about this mug probably didn't know that it leaks and took it backpacking. This mug is more for car campers. Just my opinion.

I picked up the stainless insulated one a few months ago and had to have this lighter version too! I use this one more often because the stainless one keeps the coffee TOO hot. Can't drink it for a while, which is probably a good thing to some. This one I can drink from right away but still has enough insulation for me. It's my go-to backpacking coffee maker. I use it at work and home quite a bit too. I measure the water out 3 fingers from the top and use two scoops of coffee. Never had the overflowing problem until today. It's an easy fix. Even if you wash it every time you use it, gunk builds up on the filter screen, creating pressure when you're pressing the sleeve down. Coffee will come out the sides. You can't see the buildup but now I know it was there because it was getting harder to press the last couple of weeks and this fixed the issue. filled the inside with soapy water then put the press in, pushing and pulling a couple of times. Let it sit for about ten minutes and pressed it back and fourth a few more times. Problem solved!

Bought two to take on a camping trip to Grand Canyon and environs. 10 days. Tried it to use it every-which-way and it overflowed every time! I've used french press pots, other type of french press cups - but tried 10 times and never got it to work correctly. Brought home and tried using while having sink and place to wash up - still didn't work! Very disappointing...and made for several rough starts to our day.

May be the worst single item I have ever bought from REI. It works great with just water but with any amount of coffee in the chamber the upper piece refuses to plunge into the lower piece without spurting coffee out the sides between the two. Wasted an hour trying to get this work with various combos of coffee, water, and pressure on the top -- all get the same result. This one is going back or into the trash.

I got back to backpacking and tried first a small percolator, it was slow and heavy. Tried instant but the taste left me wanting. This however is the heat!. I did not find it leaky and I used regular old drip grind coffee and still filtered well. I found none of the leaks others reported. Sometimes it was hard to separate but perhaps it froze, temps were in 20's. Simply great. If it had adaptor or second lid so the bottom could be used as a covered cup It would get 5 stars!

I love French press coffee, but am on the move a lot and prefer to travel light. This fits the bill perfectly. What a great piece of equipment for the trails or at home.

I still own and use this thing after two years, but mainly as a general heat-safe plastic mug. Its utility as both a coffee mug AND steeper are severely limited by design problems, but as one or the other, it's pretty solid.

I tried to make coffee with this a number of times and the press continually shoots out coffee from the bottle when pressing. The size of the inner press to the wall of the mug is inconsistent and results in coffee and grounds leaking out the sides. Undrinkable coffee. Great idea, terrible execution on product. I would not recommended this product to anyone.

I bought this because I was dreaming it would perform better than it does, for my needs. I gave it three stars because it didn't keep my coffee warm very long. It's beautiful, makes a good cup, easy to clean, not hard to use, light weight. But it doesn't keep my coffee warm. This said, I might be unfairly critical. After using a YETI for a year, hard to compare. But GSI should be aware of the current competition. That's your next hurdle boys and girls.

When you have to bring your own coffee to work and don't want to brew a big pot before leaving the house this mug is perfect. I wake up pre-dawn and this quick method of coffee brewing is just what I wanted. I would like to see a larger size of 20oz. There is a small trick to cleaning. Leave the sippy lid on as you pull up on the inner beaker for emptying. If you take the lid off before removing the inner beaker it is very difficult to take apart.

Originally I just wanted a way to make coffee while on the road or in the field. But this is now my daily coffee maker at home or away. I've been using it several times a day, every day; for the last two months with no problems. The lid is spill-resistant but not spill-proof. This is OK since I'm not a toddler and usually mange to keep my drinks upright most of the time. Pressing requires firm pressure (IF it gets too stiff, just pull back up a bit, swirl the water a little and try again.) which may account for the fantastic flavor extraction. I take coffee seriously and this is the best I've had. At home, I don't use my Keurig or French Press anymore. For field work, I throw this in my backpack along with a container of freshly ground coffee, extra water and my pocket rocket. I enjoy freshly made superb coffee whenever and wherever I want.

Still searching for the right coffee rig for back country excursions. Thought this would give me both a mix of insulated mug and coffee maker in one. I like the design idea and it is relatively well made. The hook works well to keep on outside of pack. It also comes apart nicely/easily so that it can be washed at home, etc... But now that I've used it for a trip, I can see why.

Great idea. I bought it for a trip I was taking, because it wasn't practical for me to take all of my coffee equipment (kettle, scale, V60, etc.). It enabled me to have my coffee all week, but I had issues with it leaking when I drank out of it. It may be that I was doing something wrong or not cleaning it well enough, but I won't be using it when I'm wearing nice clothes.

I've had this cup for three years now. It finally met its doom from the tire of a car. This is usually my go to cup for commuting. It's has worked so well the past 3 years that a replacement will be gotten for the squished cup. Be patient with this press. It has it's moments of frustration. 9 times out of 10 it works out fine. Find its sweet spot and drink on.

This press is tricky to get right. If you put in too many coffee grounds, the coffee will either overflow or the press won't close completely (so you'll spill on yourself). If the water is too hot, the heat will add more pressure and make it extremely difficult to press down. After many frustrating mornings, I'm switching to the ultra light java drip.

After reading other reviews about leaky seals between the inner and outer cylinders, I was apprehensive about this press. Sure enough, first time using it with store bought grounds, I had a bunch of coffee between the cylinders, and spilled a bit when trying to drink from it. Looking closely showed that the rubber seal around the bottom of the inner sleeve is somewhat flimsy, and if you get a buildup of grounds against it it will flex and let liquid through.

Got one a couple of weeks ago, looking for a camping coffee maker that would make better tasting coffee than an on-stove percolator or instant (yuck). This fits the bill. Note that this is NOT going to be a satisfactory mug, as you will dribble down your chin. Just pour the coffee into your favorite cup to drink. And DO read the instructions first. Be gentle when plunging, feeling free to back off or rock the inner cylinder so that it is properly aligned to go in straight. The coffee is really good and no grounds get into the finished product. I personally always enjoy my coffee before heading off for the day's activities, so the non sealing property is not a negative for me.

Coffee was good; easy prep and clean up; and it stayed warm, BUT...

many of the negative reviews seem to come from not understanding how the press works or not following the directions. dont fill above the sleeve line. use the right amount of coffee. press with appropriate force. dont fill and then try to clip to a bag. its a great mug and press if you use it right.

See that tempting hoop on the lid? Notice how it's attached to free moving the plunger. There is no twist-to-lock mechanism to keep the plunger in place. Just a lip around the circumference that doesn't withstand the weight of a full vessel. I learned the hard way to not carry the press by the hoop.

I bought this compact travel French press at REI, because I love good well made coffee. This little press is awesome!!! It is one of my best purchases and is now one of my prized travel accessories. Two scoops makes the most velvety Pete's coffee.

This mug was perfect. Then the seal on the press "wore" out. Then coffee would drip between the press and the cups wall and onto my shirt. I exchanged it for the stainless steal GSI press. A much better mug that doesn't leak from anywhere.

Junk. No fill line. Just says add 15 oz. hello! We're camping! And regardless of how much water you add it will leak out between the press and cup. And coffe is luke warm inside an hour. Buy a Stanley. My husband did and I wish I did too.

The java press is easy to use and a simple clean. However the slide filter does get stuck or caught on the sides this makes the coffee come out from between the filter press and the mug as your pushing down and / or drinking

Very poor insulation value, so coffee gets cold quickly. I've also had trouble getting the top to screw back on. Would be very easy to cross thread. I will say the filter works well though. Shopping for a replacement now.

It works well as a french press but doesn't do the job for keeping coffee warm, let alone hot. It also doesn't work if you're on the move. The vent holes on the top lose whatever you're drinking with the slightest tilt.

Great coffee press when I’m the only one drinking coffee. Stays warm also. This is NOT a child’s sippee cup that is leak proof. If that’s what you’re looking for, check out the baby isle at Target, $2.99.

Disappointed. I was hoping it’d be good as the old coffee press tin cup wasn’t. I returned it. It leaked and overall design was bad. However, the customer service was great; as always.

I've made coffee bout five times with this and haven't had a minute's trouble - no leaks, easy to use, etc. The only issue is it doesn't keep coffee hot long enough. Overall, great equipment.

Product has a poor seal between the top and bottom piece, which makes the press leak on your shirt by the end of your cup of coffee. It is simply poor design. Aesthetics of the cup are great!

Bought this for camping so I did not have to buy a French press and a separate coffee mug. I motorcycle camp and it saves space and weight.

Simple, lightweight, and it makes coffee in exactly the strength you like best. Easy to carry around and it's an excellent design.

I bought this thinking I might use it for backpacking, but it has taken over as my daily caffeine delivery system.

This is an excellent design. It is efficient, durable, easy to clean after use, and not unnecessarily complicated.

Always enjoy my coffee in the morning especially when camping. Super excited about taking this item camping.

not engineered very well. The vent hole does not get sealed when cap is closed and it leaks badly

I only use the coffee making features and pour into an insulated cup to enjoy. No grounds at all

Makes good coffee but it will not stay hot for very long.

I was driving to our backpacking adventure and totally forgot to bring my regular coffee filter. REI didn't have it in stock. What was left either seemed ultra-flimsy (not good when I haven't even had coffee yet) or really heavy (this becomes important when you have to carry all your coffee-making supplies). I saw this on my way out the door and relied more on REI's return policy than any sort of Internet comment. What a great choice! First, I followed the directions. It may not be obvious, but when the lid is closed, the inner sleeve doesn't want to plunge or pull apart. This is great when you've got it clipped to the outside of your pack. When it's time to plunge the sleeve, just open the sip cap and gently push down. It's that simple. The important part. How was the coffee? You want to use a coarse grind, but if you have the standard drip, it works great. You'll just have some sludge at the bottom of the cup. Just remember to open the sip cap when you plunge. Yeah, I know I already said this, but if you don't do it, unhappiness ensues. The lexan imparts no flavor to the mug, but can't do anything about the water you use. If it's treated water (like I had to use), your coffee will suffer. On the trail, I just rinsed it before I used it and clipped it, sip lid closed, to the outside of the pack when I finished my cup. I figure I'm pouring 200F water into it. If germs survive that, they deserve the opportunity to kill me. At home, the whole thing comes apart easily for cleaning. Even though it's labeled as dishwasher safe, I just hand-washed the whole thing while I was washing the other cook gear.


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