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I've been looking for a lightweight waterproof jacket for daily wear. I ordered an Adidas Outdoor Wandertag Jacket from another company. I liked the fit of that jacket except when I put the hood up it came down over my eyes; no adjustment corrected that problem; I sent it back. I was thinking about getting a North Face Resolve jacket (my daughter loves hers), or Venture jacket (couldn't decide). I finally went to REI to try on waterproof shells for fit. A lovely REI Helper showed me this jacket and told me about it. It ended up between this one and a Columbia shell. Even though this one was $50 more than I wanted to spend, I chose it because of the fit and comfort. I absolutely LOVE the fit! The hood is perfect with cord locks built right into it. The sleeves are long enough to go past my wrists (I am 5' 7" but have broad shoulders so many jacket sleeves can hit me above my wrist bones). Because the outside layer is stretch polyester it's not as noisy as other rain shells, and feels much nicer too. The inside lining is also comfortable, and looks nicer than some of the other jackets with a mesh lining and pockets. I would buy this jacket again in a heartbeat!

Bought this specifically for a camping/kayaking trip to the rainy BC coast, but planning to get lots of use as the rains return to Seattle. I have a large chest (typically US size 10-12) so it is a challenge to find outdoor clothing that is flattering. This is roomy enough for me to wear some bulk underneath but still is cut in nicely along the sides and waist. I'm petite so would love to see this with shorter arms, but also like that the bottom is longer and hits at the top of my legs. Fabric is great - soft as a waterproof layer can be and not super loud and plastic-y. Hood is perfect, adjustable as needed for level of wind and rain yet doesn't drop too far front to obstruct vision. Teal/green color combo and pattern are really cute! Feels like this will get many, many years of use and even though the price is a little steep, knowing the fabulous REI return policy will be honored if this fails for whatever reason, makes this totally worth it.

This jacket really helps keep the rain out. With my other rain coats it soaks it very quickly. However this coat keeps me dry even it heavy rain.

Purchased this jacket in the spring and love the fit! But, the first rainfall, the layers under it got wet. I love this jacket and its perfect for a sunny or overcast day, but not in any rain. The fabric absorbed rain and made clothing underneath wet quickly. Not water resistant at all.

I wanted to love this, but I can't! I moved to Juneau AK, but apparently I should not have skimped on quality rain gear. This was good for walking around, but not for long periods of time. It also loses its H2No properties over time; it was adequate when I first moved up here (3 months ago), but I went on a 2.5 hour hike and the water had soaked down through to my other layer completely!

I purchased this jacket for a long distance hike and on days 3 and 4, it rained continuously. I put on this jacket before heading out and noticed that after 20 minutes or so of hiking, the jacket had completely soaked through with water and had further completely soaked through all of my clothing beneath it. Additionally, all items (including electronics) that I had stored in the pockets of this rain jacket were completely drenched. It was an unnerving time to be totally soaked as temperatures were dropping and if I stopped for too long, I’d start shivering, but I had no other protection than this rain jacket which failed me. I am not sure if I wore it wrong or what, but I am very disappointed! :(

I’ve been reading reviews of many unsatisfied customers with water repellent jackets. I agree REI needs to increase their DWR coating on element jackets as well as others to be more durable and longer lasting.

I don't swelter in it, it seems to breathe well. I have not shouldered my pack in it yet, just took long walks with the dogs in it and ran in and out of work in it. The hood is ample to pull over a hat and shield your face. My only complaint is that the upper arms are a little tight. Tight enough that I could not wear a bulky shirt, or light jacket under it. I do love the Velcro straps on the cuffs.

I bought this before a recent camping trip in Rocky Mountain National Park and loved it. It did sprinkle while I was wearing the jacket, and I didn't have any problems with the waterproof aspect of the jacket. The jacket actually fit much better than I had anticipated. I have wide hips and it fits down around my hips very comfortably. The other thing I loved about this is that I could fit a fleece under it for additional warmth. The pit zips and netting at the pockets did provide enough temperature control as well.

Love the color and cut of this coat, but rain soaked through after 30 minutes of light to moderate rainfall. This could be an issue using it for any serious outdoor activity.

I bought this specifically for a trip to Scotland where it is assumed that every day will include rain. After 1 week of sporadic rain, the coat became most definitely non-waterproof. Moderate rain soaked completely through the sleeves and the back of the jacket resulting in a couple of really uncomfortable days. I am so disappointed in the jacket - love the look/color (olive)/style - but the lack of waterproofing means I will need to return.

I bought this jacket recently for my camping trip at Bryce Canyon. I'd worn it under downpour condition (a storm) and the jacket had kept me completely dry. However, the external layer did absorb some water while the inside coating remained dry. So, in other words, the DWR coating on the fabric outside probably needs improvement since the jacket was brand new. Although I am not 100% satisfied with the jacket's waterproofing ability, I really like the fit and the fabric flexibility and have decided to keep it. Compared to REI Rhyolite and Motility rain jackets (both have 3 layers instead of 2.5), this jacket is more comfortable and seems to be of better quality even though it only has 2.5 layer with PU coating (REI Element) instead of the supposingly higher end E-vent on Ryolite and Mobility. The underarm zipper is also flexible and comfortable even when you wear only a T-shirt underneath. Before I settle for this jacket, I also tried Marmot Precip but the quality in terms of seam, zipper, and fit is just substandard. Overall, this Talusphere jacket is a keeper and the DWR can be refreshed using Nikwax (although REI should really improve their coating for a jacket at this price).

I like this jacket, though I've only had it for a couple of non-rainy weeks. (I picked it up while traveling to replace a lost jacket, just in case.) It's fairly light and not uncomfortable in warmer weather, and the colors are pretty. It's cut to allow for a light jacket underneath. Two fairly minor flaws: The sleeve cuffs are a funny, too-stiff material, and the pockets should be bigger. Neither is a big problem - just saying.

I really wanted to love this jacket! When I first put it on, however, I noticed that the underarm part of the jacket fit like a too-small tshirt. I hoped that the fabric would relax a bit, but the opening is just too small; it was clear that I wouldn't be able to wear any layers with it.

Zippers are really important to me! YES, the color, purple was great, the jacket was comfortable and the sale price all enticing . . . but, what really sold me was how easily the zipper worked!!! The zipper on my last Patagonia jacket was horrible, it kept getting stuck.

This is such great rain jacket! I love that it has the media pouch and the armpit zippers. It keeps you dry but it's also breathable.

I purchased this jacket for a trip to Colorado a year ago. I needed a jacket that I could layer underneath with and could withstand rain as well. I didn't get an opportunity to test it out in the rain until this past Memorial Day. I went camping and it was raining all weekend. This jacket didn't hold up within the first hour of a heavy rain. I was really disappointed and wet the whole camping trip. While this is a great layering and wind breaking jacket, it is not a good rain jacket.

The surface of this jacket absorbed water almost immediately and felt very cold. That, plus sweat accumulation inside, made it extremely unpleasant to wear. I returned it after a couple uses. When I went to store, the employee said they'd had a bunch of returns on it. For the price, they recommended going with a Goretex option instead.

I purchased this jacket for snow shoeing sports as my outer layer jacket. It was a perfect choice as it can easily be removed and packed away in a back pack when necessary. There are zippers under the arms for great air venting when needed. It zips up way under the chin to help block chilly air and has an attached hood.

I bought this replace an earlier REI rain jacket I purchased that leaked on the sleeves. I was worried that the Talusphere Jacket would also leak due to the seam design of the sleeves but after over a year of use, most of it in rainy Southeast Alaska I can honestly say it’s held up perfectly. It’s lightweight which makes it perfect for summer use. I’m big through the hips and this didn’t bind like some. At 5’5” and around 180 the XL fit me fine.

I needed a jacket for outside sports events and for hiking/walking. It had to be water-proof, as water resistant failed. I was caught in a downpour at a football game, then it rained on and off all night. The jacket was perfect! It kept the water out and the side vents kept me comfortable. Remember those side vents, they really help with the comfort level. Wonderful! The pockets/zippers kept my 'pocket' purse and phone dry, as well.

I bought this before a backpacking trip where i knew it was raining over the 4 days. It downpoured and kept me dry everyday which is the one reason why i bought it. I got the blue color and love it. :)

I really wanted to love this product. The third time I really used this jacket I got soaked to the skin in moderate rain. It also gets really clammy inside when you start to sweat. Worked great the first few times in the rain. Works ok as a top wind layer/insulator but the waterproof aspect only lasted through a few rains. Very bulky for backpacking. Overall, not a great jacket. REI brand stuff in general has been underwhelming.

Purchased this jacket before leaving for 3 weeks in Alaska. Wore it almost everyday while there and it lived up to all the details on the tags. Great jacket!!!

I purchase several items for a trip I had in Peru and this ended up being my absolute favorite. It fit perfect, and provided comfort in all the aspects. The jacket provides zippers under the armpits to allow for air to flow through the sleeves and you don't get over heated. There is also a hidden pocket close to the main zipper that was AWESOME to have when you are traveling to store your passport, money or id's.

This jacket was probably one of the best things I brought with me on my trip to Iceland in February. Every time I turned around it was raining or hailing and the wind was constantly blowing. Layered with a light down jacket and fleece, I stayed warm and dry the entire time. The fabric is great and not noisy like lots of other options out there. I couldn't have been happier with this purchase.

Lightweight and comfortable. Worth every penny. The zippers are nice too.

At first I really liked this jacket. It fit really well and remained waterproof through some heavy downpours. However a few of the zipper teeth recently broke when I zipped up the jacket. I reached out to REI who told me of a place I could get an estimate on the repair.... I'm sorry but I've had jackets that cost 1/4 of the price last 4 times longer than this one did. Don't waste your money.

I bought this jacket about 3 months ago and just started wearing it in the last couple of weeks now that it is colder and rainy. Unfortunately, water doesn't completely bead up on the exterior in a moderate rain and it is wet inside when I take it off after wearing for an hour in the rain. I guess I will return this to the store. Sad - because it was a great deal :(

Today was the first time I wore this jacket. The material on the forearms and lower back is different from the rest of the jacket and never repelled the water, the drops would get absorbed into the material. Eventually the moisture wicked into the lining of the jacket and got my flannel wet. Description says waterproof but I would barely consider it water resistant.

I bought this to hike in the Rockies in mid-April (2 weeks from now). I started wearing around town to figure out how cold and windy it has to be to not keep me warm anymore. So far, as long as I'm layered well this coat has stood up to windchills in the teens and all kinds or rain/snow winter mix. I am totally impressed. Love the pit zips, that's my favorite part.

I had a clerk lead me to 'wind breaker' jackets. The tag did not identify it as a rain jacket or I would not have purchased it...I have one. The zipper openings under the arms are very stiff and uncomfortable. I keep hoping they will soften...I've thought about returning it...but haven't done so.

I love this jacket! The stretchy fabric makes it comfortable to wear all day while doing a variety of tasks without feeling constricted. It does a nice job of both blocking the wind and rain. Overall I am very impressed and pleased with this purchase!

I expect great fit and water resistance from REI's products.

This is the second one of these jackets I've owned. Keep the rain off, vents well and sit nicely with the backpack. The pockets are up higher so you can get into them even with the pack on your back.

I wasn't in a downpour this past weekend hiking, it did rain a little. But this jacket was perfect for our scrambles. Packs down well for day pack and and insulates well for windy top of mountains

I wore this for a couple weeks while traveling in Scotland and fell in love with it. I love this coat!! It's great quality, cool and warm at the same time. Great pockets, great wind-blocking.

I brought this jacket to wear back country skiing since it is lightweight and waterproof. I like the fit and all the pockets. Also the under arm zippers. Great coat for the price!!

Comfortable and roomy and keeps the rain out. Excellent coat for bad weather. It’s long enough to cover your body but not too long or bulky to impede movement

I love the neutral colors and the deep side pockets. This raincoat provides good coverage over my face which prevents my makeup from running.

It's easy to wear, layers great, looks great, haven't backpacked yet but it's designed to carry a pack. Love the zipper.

My college senior daughter loves this jacket. She says it looks great and keeps her dry. Very happy with it.

Absolutely perfect light weight waterproof, breathable jacket.

I bought this jacket about 2 months ago for myself and my daughter. I have fond it to do well in the rain. I do wish the sleeves had a different lining, kind of plastic, but must admit I have found myself wearing this coat on non rainy days. My college daughter has also enjoyed her coat. I purchased the IRS coat in the store then ordered mine on line.

I like the fabric and fit of this rain jacket with the exception of the placement of the pockets. They seem to be a little high. We have not had rain when I have been going out since my purchase so I have not had an occasion to wear it and report on the rain repellent quality. I like the fabric in the neck where the zipper closure is also. Seems like a well sewn jacket and I'm sure I will enjoy it for many years! Also, I love the color, very!

Bought this and used it a few times, but the zippers on the pit zips felt really bulky and uncomfortable when zipped up. I think that has to do with how the jacket is cut. The Marmot Precip is much more comfortable, as the pit zips rest a little lower and don't dig into your armpits like the Talusphere. The Precip also weighs less and costs less. Both the Talusphere and the Precip will do their job of keeping the rain off of you.

This jacket kept me dry hiking in the western alps in the rain, however I hated how much room it took up in my pack and how heavy it was! The outer layer after steady rain did appear soaked, but I stayed dry, presumably from the inner layer. I would keep it except it packs way too big and is too heavy for my purposes. Marmot pre cip pants held up well and were very lightweight, might try that jacket.

I had originally purchased a size small but found it was too large, so returned for a size extra small (I'm normally a size 4). I found this was roomy enough for a layer underneath. The only complaint I had was the hood is not quite big enough to keep my head completely dry. It's not helmet compatible, so I knew it'd be a bit smaller, so not a big deal. So far the jacket has been great overall.

I wanted to love this jacket but it was too big. I’m 5’3” 113 lbs and the xs was too baggy to be super comfortable on hikes or wandering around. It might work as an outer layer with lots of layers underneath but wasn’t what I had in mind. Other than the size the jacket was super comfortable and soft, not as stiff as other rain jackets.

This jacket is not waterproof. The first time I wore it running in the rain it felt like the water soaked right through. I thought maybe it was just my sweat that made me feel soaked but then biking with it the same thing happened. Not sure how other people are finding them to be waterproof. Maybe some are just not waterproof.

I really like this rain jacket. The material is super breathable, it covers me really well, and the color is really pretty. It’s nearly perfect, but I’ve only worn it a few times and the strap in my backpack is wearing down/pilling the fabric. It’s a good price for a jacket that’s really cute and will last a season or two.

I've only worn the jacket twice so far, but it is well made. The zipper works smoothly. Blocked the Colorado wind nicely. I did 't feel too hot in it due to the side vents. I was a little disappointed because it says it breathes.....and the inside of my jacket was little damp when I took it off.

Loving this jacket so far, it is not the most lightweight rain jacket I have had, however, it keeps me dryer than my super lightweight and I prefer that. It is sized a bit large, the XS fits me perfect and I'm 5'3", average build (typically wear smalls in tops, mediums in bottoms).

I haven’t had a chance to try this out in a heavy rain yet, but it fits true to size. It’s a thin fabric and feels a little “plasticky.” Like all true waterproof clothing, its breathability is limited so I got a little warm. Color is great. Folds up easily for packing.

I really like this rain jacket because of how comfortable it is. It’s also not very loud when you move about. It’s soft and comfortable and it doesn’t feel sticky at all. I’m 5’3” and the small fit very well with a fitted wool base layer underneath.

This jacket will keep the wind out and is water resistant, not waterproof. The downside is if you don’t zip it up all the way, the top Velcro tab will fray the fabric on the right shoulder. It constantly rubs against the fabric when down.

This is the second of this jacket I've purchased. Different color. In the Pacific Northwest a collection of rain jackets is 'required'. Good fit, right-sized pockets, vent zippers. These are my go-to jackets for most days and for travel.

Love the coat but unfortunately it is not waterproof. It soaked my back and oddly enough under my forearms while using it for a one hour run in the rain. It was raining hard but waterproof should mean that I do not get wet :’(

I traveled through the Alpine Countries with this jacket and found into be all needed. I layered for cooler climates. It was breathable and I was caught in the pouring rain it it served me well. Great buy!

This jacket is everything I could ask for when looking for a rain jacket. First and foremost it protects me even in the harshest rain. I have stayed dried and comfortable. It also looks really good too

I like the teal color of the jacket, and the hood and raised collar. The material feels soft and not sticky like some raincoats. It fits me fine , but I am short so the sleeves are a wee bit long.

I like that this jacket has stretchiness so there's no inhibition to movement, and the fabric is supple so it's comfortable to wear. The position of the hand-pockets is good - they won't be blocked by your pack's waistbelt and your items will be easy to access while you are wearing the coat.

This jackets is extremely comfortable and works well as a windbreaker, but it is NOT a good rain jacket. After only 15 minutes walking in the rain my shoulders were wet.

Comfy fabric inside! I have a pink but needed an extra..of course... Had to return S for XS, not a prob. Sleeves a tad bit long on me. . Ht 5.5 Wt 112-115 lbs.

I have wide hips, and this jacket fit tight in the hips and loose everywhere else, with extremely long arms. Not pear-shape or petite friendly, unfortunately.

Pros: pit zip, high pockets for pack belt, soft material

After wearing this jacket infrequently for two seasons, the inner lining has disintegrated, leaving a fine powder over all my clothing. Do not recommend.

I love this jacket. Keeps me dry even in pouring rain. Have recommended to several people. Love REI brand quality products

NOT waterproof. I've used this jacket a few times and always got soaked to the skin. Very disappointed.

I wore this for an autumn hike in Aspen. I love that it's lightweight, yet warm.

Love this jacket. It’s cut well and definitely waterproof.

I bought this jacket for a backcountry horseback trip in Yellowstone. I bought it online based on reviews, which were overwhelmingly positive. And which at the time didn't seem to draw attention to the issues I ended up having (though, it seems there's quite a bit more now). The jacket didn't work well for me. The main problem was the pockets - which I understand now are designed for a very particular use (when you have a pack strapped around your middle). For me, I was constantly wishing for hip level pockets that I could sink my hands into when they were chilled or when I was standing at rest taking in a vista or something (yes, in the rain!) - something you absolutely cannot do with this jacket. My second problem was with the length...I'm tall and the back came just to my waist. So keeping rain off my backside was a challenge. I wasn't expecting full coverage but I really needed something longer. Last, I found the interior of this jacket really "sticky" and unpleasant to the touch. I wore it for the trip because it was all I had (and it did keep the water out, so it was great on job #1). Also, the arms are long, so it was the rare jacket that actually covered my wrists fully with full range of movement. I was thankful to REI customer service (in store) who heard my sob story and let me return it. As always a wonderful customer experience at REI even if this jacket wasn't right for me.



Does the jacket fit Asians’ build? I like the idea that it is hip-length.

​The jacket will fit a variety of body types if sized properly.


Would this be a decent downhill ski jacket? What is the temperature range?

This jacket can be used as a shell for skiing. The jacket does not have any insulation. We don't provide temperature ratings on clothing because warmth depends on many different variables including activity level, metabolism, perspiration as well as the other clothing layers you are wearing.


Is this jacket mesh lined on the inside of the back/chest area at all?

​This jacket does not have a mesh lining.


what is the best way to care for this product? nikwax??

Washing with Nikwax Tech Wash is a great way to care for this jacket. The link below will provide additional care instructions.


I like my new rain jacket, but I hate having to zip up all the time. I would like to add more velcro to the front to give me the option of partial closure, mid front when it's not zipped up. Any suggestions?

We are unable to provide information related to any modification of the products we sell.


How can I shorten the sleeves of this jacket without compromising it's ability to withstand rain around the wrists. The arms are way too long.

We recommend to push the sleeves up to the base of your wrist then synch down the Velcro strap tight enough to secure the sleeves so they will not slide down.


I love the Talusphere rain jacket. Unfortunately, I am petite (5' 1"). I weigh 130, but because I am sort of hippy, the smallest size that worked was a large. The sleeves are about 7 - 8" too long for me. Why is there no petite sizing in this jacket?

As of July 2017, we do not plan to stock petite sizes in this jacket. All available sizes are on our website.


Are there any plans to restock the Laguna Blue Talusphere jackets?

As of May 2017, we do not plan to restock Laguna Blue. All available colors are on our website.


How packable is this jacket? I want something reliably waterproof that will take up very minimal space in my pack for a long trip. 

​It can be packed down to about 4.5" x 7" x 7".


The tag says that the hood works three ways but no instructions. What 3 ways?

On the back of the hood is the volume control. Squeeze the toggle to tighten or loosen the hood to fit with or without a helmet. The other two adjustments are at either side of the neck. Pull the bungee cords to pull the hood around your face. When you get the adjustment you want, pull the bungee down in the slot to lock it in.


So some people have said this jacket it amazing, keeps them dry in the worst rain conditions, other claim their sleeves get wet underneath, i had the wet sleeve experience. is it a bad batch, or just the way i wear the jacket?

We have not heard overwhelming feedback about this jacket not being waterproof. The jacket should be entirely waterproof, including the sleeves. If you are having issues with the waterproofing on your jacket, you are welcome to return or exchange it. Our full return policy can be found online here:


Tiring to decide between the Talusphere jacket and the Marmot Minimalist jacket. Suggestions?

The Talusphere and Minimalist jackets are both constructed with 2.5 layer waterproof membranes. Also, both use pit zips for increased ventilation and adjustable hoods, cuffs and hem drawcords. These jackets are very similar as the matching features suggest and will offer very similar performance.


Is it fitted or can I wear a fleece underneath? Also what is the difference in arm length between the small & medium?

The women's Talusphere Rain Jacket is roomy enough to fit a fleece mid layer underneath. There is approximately 1/2 inch difference in sleeve length between sizes.


I'm deciding between the Talusphere and Motility jackets.  Besides the price, what are the differences between these 2 jackets regarding performance and fit? The "Compare" feature on REI's website didn't show much difference.

The Motility jacket is heavier than the Talushere. The Motility has 4-way stretch which gives you more range of motion.


Does the hood roll up and compress into the collar?

The hood on the Talusphere Rain Jacket does not roll into the collar.

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