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I bought it for summer camp with the boyscouts. I pumped it up on Sunday when we got to camp. By Saturday when we left i never had to reinflate the mattress again. I am very pleased with this product

This sleeping pad is the BEST. I used this every single night on my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail so she definitely took a beating, but stood the test! What's even better is that I got this at an REI garage sale!

I have purchased BA sleeping pads and noticed that they start to leak at around the 1 yr mark. This happened with about 4 sleeping pads. I purchased this one thinking it would be more durable. It is very comfortable but one has already started to leak at almost 1 yr. I'm slowly moving over to the Therm-a-rest sleeping pads.

I have used this Air Sleeping Pad twice. The first time, shortly after purchase, it lost air overnight and I woke up on the hard ground. I chalked it up to "operator error". I used it for the second time last weekend, and the same thing happened. I re-inflated multiple times throughout the night, and it lost all air within an hour of each reinflation. I wish REI's return policy would allow me to replace this dog of a product with something else, but alas my two uses were 14 months apart and thus beyond the policy. Don't make the same mistake I did; get something better.

what I like most about this pad is that it doesn't make all kinds of squeaky/creaky noises when i move around on it inside the tent. other pads of similar style from other vendors might be a little lighter or come in brighter colors, but none are as quiet as this one when you adjust your position. Also, I appreciate the side 'rails' a lot more than I thought I would when I first bought the pad - they actually help keep from sliding off.

I was hopeful this pad would work after reading the positive reviews. I bought the pump and inflated the mattress on my living room carpeted floor two days before my one-night backpack outing. The valves are not complicated. One for inflate, one for deflate. After inflating I laid down on mattress briefly, then checked two days later to ensure it was still inflated. Check. Headed out on trip, arrived, set up footprint and tent, no sharp objects, inflated mattress. Wandered. Headed for bed. After an hour on mattress my hip bone was feeling a bit of ground (side sleeper). Noticed mattress had lost some air, but it wasn't flat. Refilled. Wash, rinse, repeat three times during night. I gave up. By morning it had deflated with very little air remaining. I'm so glad I didn't have to do this a second night. Maybe I received a defective product? I suggest test driving this product in advance by actually sleeping on it on hard ground.

Love this pad - blows up easily and rolls up into a very small, convenient size. Has enough thickness (for me at least) to sleep on my side without my hip touching the ground. The r-value isn't that high (I think 2.9 or so) but if you're using this thing in cool to moderate climates you should be fine.

Bought this pad about nine months ago and have brought it on perhaps seven backpacking/car camping trips. It is very comfortable but noticed that the air plugs have began to leak. Probably a poor design. The pad itself is not heavy and rolls up nice and compactly. Quite a bummer -- I really liked this pad until it began leaking.

I've had this pad for a few weeks and used it several times. It replaced a much more expensive pad that I really liked, but had to return twice due to tiny leaks that I couldn't locate. This pad was half of the cost of the other one, and just as comfortable. It packs down to almost the same size as the more expensive pads. I like the valve system as it has 2, one for inflating and one for deflating, making airing it up and packing it back down very quick and easy. I also really like how the outer baffles are slightly larger to keep you from rolling off the pad. I am 5'11" and 165pnds and I got the regular size. I sleep on my stomach and side and fit on this pad perfectly and have slept great. It is also quiet when you move around.

I really liked this pad's combination of good comfort, reasonable size and weight, at a reasonable price... on the first 3-night trip. Then, on the first night of the next backpacking trip, it failed to hold air. I had to endure 4 nights in the wilderness with no padding except for a few pine needles that I could gather under my tent. I took very careful care of this pad, only using it inside a clean tent with well-protected floors, yet it was only good for three nights. This pad was very disappointing.

Pros: packs fantastically small and well, the inflation valve is great, stays inflated throughout the night Cons: My last trip was in the snow, got down to somewhere in the lower 20s and I was using a 20F bag with this pad. I tend to sleep on my side but anytime i'd roll to my side my hip would be touching the ground and freeze (and I am not large, 5ft3in 135lb) just due to the design of the pad. Did not have this issue while laying flat on belly or back, of course. Overall great pad!

I bought this during the REI member sale a few months ago and finally got a chance to try it out this past weekend at the Enchantments. After long days and cold temps at night I was more than thankful to have this pad get me off the ground and I slept like a baby. Like any product after day two I had to put some more air in it but it held up great and fit in my pack with light weight!

My husband loves this pad, but it has started leaking and won't stay inflated through the night anymore. I read that others have had similar experience after about a year. But for the time it worked, my husband was in love with it.

We bought two. Loved the weight to carry on our hike. It inflated easily but every time I moved it made such a noise I woke my spouse up and same when he moved. The thickness is nice but didn't get any sleep. We returned them today.

Amazing comfort and insulation given its low price. At 2.5 inches, my hips barely touched the ground even though I am a side sleeper. I do wish they had a 25 x 72 (regular-wide) size. The inflation valve was weird at times when I used the (separately-sold) pump - it worked perfectly 80% of the time, but the other 20%, when I released the pump, air would leak out of the inflation valve. Once I tried re-attaching and releasing the pump 1-2 times, the problem would be solved. I thought the vertical chambers felt a bit uncomfortable at times, but on the plus side they prevented me from sliding around.

Bought this about pad in the large size 2 years ago. I'm 5'8" and 140 lbs. It's fantastic, wide enough to keep my arms off the ground, I can sleep in whatever position feels right back side, tummy and fetal. I stopped moving pine cones and small stones from under my pad prior to setting up the tent as the pad seems hide the imperfections the others in my tent have complained about this new trend(must be their pads). I did have a leak after I tried to open the valve the wrong way and broke a seal but that was easily repaired with some super glue and has remained air tight ever since.

The folks at REI ATL went above and beyond letting me try out sleep pads (I’ve never owned one). I probably tried every model they have. I like to camp in the back country, so weight matters as much as comfort. This pad gives you both with an unbeatable price-point. I’m not a small gal. I’m 5’ 4”, 254 pounds. A lot of it’s muscle, but I’m very hourglass in shape, so big hips. To add to the problem, I’m also a side sleeper. This posed a problem in 3/4 of the pads I tried. I was so pleasantly surprised to find that this REI pad was the winner. I could have used the regular pad and been fine, but I wanted a little extra space to move around. I bought the large pad, and it’s AMAZING. Price and value can’t be beaten. Goodbye back pain, hello extended camping trips! I purchased the SeaToSummit pump bag at their suggestion because it also doubles as a dry sack, I love it when products can pull double duty. Three pumps and it was filled. Fast and easy. Y’all have amazing folks at REI, I can’t say enough good things about your team. I regret not getting their names today, but the two folks who helped me are worth their weight in gold. I sometimes feel self conscious when walking into an outdoors store because I am plus sized. I’ve had several bad experiences going to your competitors stores. It has never been an issue at REI, no matter which location I go to. Whether it’s my “local” (2 hours away) Greenville, SC store or the ATL store today, it’s always such an amazing experience and it only makes me what to #OptOutside even more. Thank you REI!

Have you ever tried to sleep on your back at night, even though only psychopaths are back sleepers, but fail miserably? Maybe you flip to your side then and realize, "clearly my hip fat is useless because I feel like I'm laying on an ants version of the grand canyon." Now we only have the stomach left, but you had back surgery and were threatened that your spine will self destruct in 3... 2... 1! if you ever sleep on your stomach again. So what do you do? You buy this magical air mattress and then forget to bring an air pump. You're not out of luck though! You take 25 deep breaths and blow hard into the air valve, only to thank God you don't smoke or this would be a disastrous task, but alas, it is now inflated. You think to yourself, "no way is this thin air mattress that I blew up with my lungs on steel going to cushion my fat as I snuggle in for the side, knees to stomach position that I love so much." But then... You're overwhelmingly surprised by the cloud of air you are now laying on. Like you pulled a cumulonimbus from the sky; as you drift off into a deep sleep of fluff. Only to wake in the morning questioning how you didn't wake up 27 times throughout the night. The only problem is now you're wide awake at 5:30am, while everyone else is still knocked out on the jagged rocks of the ants grand canyon.

bought it two weeks ago for a trip to the adirondacks of New york. Night one it worked great, night two it leaked like a sieve. I returned it the next day.

Good quality. Doesn't seem to leak any air. The valves are a bit easy to open so you need to be careful where you place then. Blows up fast and holds the air well.

I have been using my Stratus now for over two years. It has held up well under heavy use (I camp, hike and kayak camp regularly). It hasn't had a leak and has kept me comfortable not matter what conditions I find myself in. I definitely recommend this product, another great one from REI.

Would recommend. 6ft 230lbs woman. Purchased the long. Lightweight, packable and insulating. Serves it's purpose. Took it out this weekend in the ozarks. Lowest it got was low 60s mid 50s. Slept hard and comfortable. Packed in tight in my pack as if it weren't even there. Def a solid purchase.

I camp on the beaches of Little Tybee Island with this in my tent(Half dome 2 plus) and in my hammock(ENO Jungle Nest) and it's perfect. I purchased the wide/long and it packs nicely in my day hatch. Make the $20 investment on the pump, it's worth it. I've read on here about people having deflation problems, check the deflation valve for obstructions such as the poly fill insulation pushing out just push it back in and shut the valve. That's what worked for me.

I slept on mine for 8 nights very comfortably with no issues while backpacking. It took maybe 1 minute to fully inflate manually. Several nights were very cold and it kept me well insulated from the ground. I love the quick deflate valve for speedy pack up when finished with it.

I bought this as a lightweight pad for backpacking but tried it out car camping first. It is very comfortable and doesn't make noise when you shift around. It is super easy to inflate using the Stratus Pad Pump (sold separately) and both together are nice and compact.

Purchased for the wife. She reports it was much more comfortable than her previous pad. She doesn't roll off it like her old one. Another plus (for me, I am the designated laborer) is it fills quickly. For our 3 season use it should be fine warmth wise, so it packs small. The separate fill and empty valves are a great addition. My pad (a more expensive pad) has only one and it definitely quickens the camp break down time compared to mine.

I love this, used it 2 nights in a row (25 degrees). I am a side sleeper and this was super comfy and warm enough. I can't recommend this more highly.

Not the fanciest of sleeping pads, but it only takes 2 minutes tops to inflate with your mouth. And it rolls up tight!

Bought this for my son to use on his backpacking trips...perfect for them. His usual verbose description: Awesome.

Best pad I've ever used! Willing to purchase it again if I need to.

I bike camp once or twice a year in the summer and wanted a sleeping pad that is relatively inexpensive but also wouldn't take up much space in a pannier. This model was on sale when I bought it and despite the clerk in the Soho store not thinking it was a great model compared to another REI sleeping pad, the choice to get this one in the tall and wide variant worked out really well

I’m not one to leave reviews, but I know how hard it’s been for me to find a sleeping pad that worked for me. I’m 5’11, 320lbs. Every pad I’ve tried, my butt/hip area hit the ground. I decided to give this pad a try and ordered the wider/longer version... WOW. I inflated the pad, and I got on it expecting to hit the floor. NOPE. I tried on my stomach, back, and side. No part of my body touched the floor. I’ve yet to use this mat for camping, but so far the rested has gone great!

I've used this on two separate outings backpacking, and it does just what a sleeping pad should do. It packs small (roughly the size of a 1 liter water bottle), inflates quickly, and keeps you off the ground. My only critique is that it is not very wide, but this is not a critical issue. I'd recommend this pad for sure.

Came to prefer this mattress over any of my half-dozen others and used it 159 times in 7 years before it began developing pin holes in the tube welds. It's not ultra light; I'm pretty easy on my stuff and for the money I'd expect it to last longer. I'm told the materials and construction should be expected to be 'fully worn out' in that amount of time. Accepting that advice as correct, I may have to look for a mattress with more durable materials and construction; which, of course, will cost more.

I bought this 3 years ago and it has been on 5 week long trips with no issues. Comfortable, easy to inflate, and packs well. My husband bought a big agnes inflatable that started leaking on its first trip. I highly recommend the stratus!

After reading the reviews on this pad I decided to take a chance and purchase it since it was on sale. Unfortunately, the valve Would not hold air at all. I will be returning this item immediately. Piece of junk!

So I bought 5 of these. We ve used them several times. We weight from 20 to 65 kg, so light people. I take care good of my equipment so I don t need to replace it. I loved these and thought they were small when packed and confy. A bit noisy but I got used to it. I loved these until this last week end when 4 out 5 started leaking. Couldn’t find where the leak came from. And I think it s funny that they started leaking at the same time... a month after the warranty expired. Not happy.

for the price ylu can't beat it I weight 185 and it held up great and was super comfy

Great for car camping! I found this to be really comfortable and it sleeps well (especially after only having used a thin backpacking pad previously). I didn't fall of of it in the night. I was worried it would be hard to inflate without the pump, but that wasn't a problem - it inflates pretty quickly with just blowing it up yourself. A few other reviewers mentioned difficulty with rolling it up, but I haven't had that problem and think it rolls/packs easily.

Took it camping for 10 days this summer. I bought it on sale. I wouldn't pay full price for this. It is a bit more narrow than a standard Thermorest. It is light and super compact. It took maybe 10 breaths to fill, so quick. It did lose air after being blown up and slept on for 3 days. It was good for car camping and I might use it for a solo over-nighter, but I would rely on it for a long trek and I wouldn't rely on it for my picky camping partner.

Needing a sleeping pad that packed down relatively small, I gave the Stratus a try. It's worked well for my needs over several trips. It packs small and is easy to inflate. I have found that some mornings I'm closer to the ground than I'd like, due to deflation; but, overall the space savings have been worth it.

I've had a stratus for a few years and really like it. Bought this one as a backup. New air valve looks to be a great solution to resolve the pesky older style valve; I've been using an Exped pillow with the same valve and it works like a charm - so it was a happy surprise to see this on the new stratus. My wife's Thermarest got a hole in it on last trip and having just bought this and having it in the car, it saved the weekend.

The compressed size is great, and the weight is comparable by a few more ounces to way more expensive pads. The price was appealing to me, and when I bought it I was just wanting something better then the ground honestly. I was surprised how comfortable it was though! I am a side sleeper and weigh 190’ and am 5’8” tall. My shoulders never felt uncomfortable touching the ground or anything like that while sleeping on my side. I took it backpacking to the Great Basin on extremely rocky soil. And to the trinity’s, which was covered in granite. My kids like the pad so much. They sleep on the living room floor and wrestle on it ect. No leaks or anything, still holding up strong. Great price for this quality. Only reason I have 4 stars was due to the fact it might be narrow for some. I’m used to sleeping on my side and not sprawling out, so it is perfect for me!

Sometimes ultralight isn’t the best choice. I tried to love my Klymit but just couldn’t get comfortable as a side sleeper. Tried this last night and had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. -1 star for not being available in wide regular; 20” width isn’t for everyone. I will say however, the larger tubes on the edges kept me positioned on the pad. For the money, I don’t think you can do better.

Like this sleeping pad a lot. So much I bought this one for my son at a great sale price. Have used my sleeping pad over the last two seasons about 35+nights of camping and get restful nights sleep.

Being a side sleeper, I was hesitant about the vertical design... So I originally purchased the REI Co-op Flash Insulated Air Sleeping Pad and was surprisingly disappointed... It would slide out from under my sleeping bag, the bottom was tapered (which I didn't think much of since my bag is as well, BIG MISTAKE), and I could feel every bump from the honeycomb texture underneath... NOW, let me tell you, my boyfriend has had this Stratus pad for a while now and raved about it to me, but I was stubborn and determined to find another one I would love just as much. And as much as it pains me to "be wrong" lol, this purchase was THE BEST I have made in a LONG time. From the side bumpers to stop me from rolling off, or from the pad not slipping out from under my side, or the cushy vertical design, this pad is what I've needed! It's light-weight, durable, and COMFORTABLE. I would HIGHLY recommend this product.

Used it for eight nights on the Appalachian Trail, small and light , fit nicely in my pack . Got a second one for my son in law

I've owned this pad for two years. It's durable, cushy and fairly lightweight...but I hate it. I sleep on my back and when my arms drift over the side of the pad during the night the thick side rails cut off circulation to my arms. I've woken up nearly every night with dead arms and no amount of tinkering with inflation level solves the problem.

This sleeping pado is so easy to blow up and deflate, probably 5-20 breaths to fully fill up!

Very comfortable (even at 6'3", 220 lbs). Surprised by how quickly it inflated and deflated.

I have used this sleeping pad on several camping trips including a 6 night backpacking trip through the High Sierra and it didnt dissapoint. It is easy to inflate, deflate and pack into the bag, best of all, it keeps you warm all night if used with an insulated pad underneath. Highly recommend for a decent nights sleep out in the wilderness.

Tested this sleeping pad out for 2 nights and both nights were sleepless. Our arms kept falling asleep and going numb no matter which way we turned. Maybe it was caused by the grooves? who knows... We ended up returning this one and opt for the therm-a-rest (without the grooves) and its way better! no more numbing arms!

For me, packing down small was the most important factor, so this is perfect. It's a little bit heavier than the alternatives, but pretty warm, and quite comfortable. I can inflate it without the pump in 1.5 minutes, which isn't bad at all. Great for lounging about during the day too!

I bought the Stratus because of its light weight, has lots of cushion, and larger end channels to keep you on the pad. I used it mostly for fall camping with one night dipping below freezing. The pad requires a good set of lungs to get it completely inflated and some patiences to deflate it but it's worth it to get a good nights rest. It's warm and you don't feel the hard ground underneath you...that is until you develop a leak. After a year of light use, my comfy/insulated Stratus pad was no more. The pad had developed a leak at the base of the inflate/deflate valve stem. It turns out that if you turn the stem cap too much you can inadvertently turn the entire stem. As soon as the stem rotates, you break the seal between the stem and base and have a leak that leaves you waking up in the middle of the night with your butt on the cold ground. Fixing the leak isn't necessarily easy because any permanent fix would need to prevent the stem from rotating so you don't end up breaking any sealant you applied.

Bought this pad for my son to use on a indoor camp in. Needed something small to keep the kit small as space was limited. This pad worked out great for him. Kept him up off the concert all night. He slept so well on it he didn't want to get off it the next morning!

I was very pleased to see that this sleeping pad was not only comfortable but also made out of some really good material. I am 5'4" and have more room than I need. Using the accompanying pump makes it so easy to inflate in about five minutes.

After being invited on my first backpacking trip, I went into REI for some help - Mike at the Tukwila store was extremely helpful, and recommended this sleeping pad - I am so grateful! I slept well and am very happy with my purchase

I take this mattress with me wherever I travel. It’s very light weight and comfortable. It also is a wonderful gift for my hiker and car camper friends. It is made of super strong fabric that appears to be indestructible.

Great little sleeping pad. Inflates quickly and easily. Lightweight. There's really no need for a pump. Pretty comfortable if you're a back sleeper.

Decent sleeping pad that also compresses pretty well too. I used this in my truck so I wasn't worried about punctures but I'd have reservations taking this out on a long hike in rocky terrain.

I bought the tall and wide for extra comfort. Was not disappointed it packs down small and was the extra comfort that made it a nice 4 days in the back country. Very light for a good price!

Slept pretty well. Only problem was backflow preventer on intake valve fell out and had to make repairs in the field. Once that was fixed, it held air throughout the night.

Durable, thin, doesn't take up a lot of space. I have had no issues using this whatsoever. Love that it packs well. Definitely my default when there are no beds available.

I love this mattress. It’s light as a feather, but rugged and blows up in a jiffy. I get as good a night’s sleep on it as I do in my own bed.

The one i purchased was more waffle like. It was great easy to inflate by mouth small as a package so easy to pack and carry

Had it for awhile now. I got the long wide size to work with my amok hammock. Works great. No complaints at all.

Great value in an air pad. Larger side baffles keep you in place both on the ground and in a hammock. Love it!

Well made, no issues, just not great for a side sleeper. Took back and decided to just pony up the the neo.

Used for the first time and it was a nice sleep pad. Keep me off the cold ground and warm.

I like the compact size. Easy to inflate and deflate. Comfortable to sleep on.

Blows up easily. Packs down in seconds and fits so well in my pack.



What is the recommended method for deflating this mattress? Roll it? Fold it? Stuff it? Also, is there any reason why blowing it up with your lungs wouldn't work just as well as the pump?

The Stratus Insulated Air Sleeping Pad can be folded in thirds and rolled toward the valve to deflate. Inflating with your lungs works just fine.


I bought a Stratus pad in 2013. It worked fine but now the valve leaks. Is there a way to fix it. I was told on the phone that there was a repair kit that might work.

Unfortunately there is no way to repair the valve on the Stratus Insulated Air Sleeping Pad.


Do I have to purchase the pump or can I use my lungs to fill this pad up?

You do not have to purchase the pump for the Stratus Insulated Air Sleeping Pad, you are welcome to use your lungs.


Where can I find a replacement valve? Mine is broken and I need to replace it.

REI does not a carry replacement valve for the Stratus Insulated Air Sleeping Pad.

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