GSI Outdoors - Halulite Boiler Pot - 1.1 Liters

Category: Camp Kitchen

We are a family of car campers. We go on several car camping trips each year, have had this pot for about 4 years, and take it with us every time. I love the fold up handle, it's quick and easy to clean, like the rubberized tabs on lid and handle which keep them from getting too hot. Our rubbery lid tab fell off last year, but we can almost always pick up the lid while pot is cooking without it being too hot. Great sturdy, much loved, pot.

This is the pot you need. At only $30 this boiler is a bargain especially considering that it's made from anodized aluminum. At first, I was worried that 1.1 liters would be too small for two people but it turned out to be the perfect size. For reference, I was able to fit 1 cup of cooked rice + 2 standard size cans of soup into this pot and still had some room at the top. I definitely recommend!

This is my first pot getting back into backpacking and if only for the handle, buy this pot! Since I'm rapidly migrating to ultra light, I may have to replace sadly (b/c I can't find a titanium pot where the handle squeezes and clamps over the top). Based on the handle alone, it may be a while before I replace this pot, ultra light desires or not.

this pot is big for its small footprint. and it can hold a large backpacking stove gas canister. i made a card board sleeve to nestle in the pot, walls and bottom, so when the gas canister was placed inside, for efficient packing assistance, the pot the metal would not scratch or damage the finish inside the pot.

This pot is very well thought out! The handle clamps the lid and hold it in place for storage. A fuel canister fits very neatly inside with room for a stand or other object on top. Very bag space efficient. The 1.1 liter version is more than large enough to make 2 meals!

This seems just right for two people and accomodates small and medium fuel canisters. Pot has unique handle and that it heats up evenly. Great for backpacking alone or two people together.

This is ideal for someone that already has cups, bowls, etc. (from previous) sets and doesn't need a lot of extra "stuff". Works great, easy to clean, sturdy.

Perfect backpacking cook pot. Fits gas and pocket rocket stove inside. Love it

I have only used this pot once but I can tell it will provide me with many uses. It is very light weight but holds a good amount of water.

Used a titanium set for a while and decided to change my my set up and this pot was it. Wouldn't spend the extra money on big named products. This is just as good if not better.

Used it in a recent hike with my daughter. Boiling water for our dehydrated meals was fast and easy. A self locking lid would make even better.

Love it! So useful! The handle works great and isn't difficult to move/manipulate even when it's frosty outside.

I was able to carry all of my cooking supplies in this pot and it worked great when hitting up soup.

Great for boiling water for 2 people. Nice light weight and I fit a small butane and burner inside.

The rubber tab on the lid (the one that keeps your fingers from getting burnt when you open it) broke mysteriously after the second use. This also happened to be the same day I purchased it. I’m not sure what happened or if it came that way but either way, no bueno. Other products of this brand worked out but, needless to say, I’m not stoked about paying 30 bucks and having this situation occur.



Does that handle fold up to conserve space?

Yes, the handle folds back over the top of the pot and snaps into place to keep the lid on with gas canister (220g), stove (MSR Pocket Rocket or some others), and some small items.


Does the top screw on?

​The lid for the Halulite 1.1-Liter Boiler Pot does not screw on.


Does the handle get hot?  Or does the coating on the handle insulate it?  I have had trouble with the pots I've used, the handles get too hot.  How does this one compare?

The coating does pretty well at insulating. I didn't find that the handle was ever too hot. 


Does the pot have "ridges" where it sits on the stove?  My current pot slides off of the pocket rocket.

No, the bottom of the pot is smooth. Ensure that you're stove and canister are sitting as level as possible.

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