IceMule - Classic Cooler

Category: Camp Kitchen

The IceMule cooler has been even more useful than we expected. We use it at the campsite for stashing cold drinks. We use it in the car for picnic lunches on long roadtrips. I have packed food in it overnight with ice, and the food was still cold the next day at noon! I am impressed by how well it works for a soft-sided cooler. Did I mention it is comfy to carry? We have walked around a half mile with it fully loaded, and we found it ergonomic. It is important to make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the air valve. Adding air to the product helps the insulation work more effectively. Overall, I'd say this is a solid investment in your outdoor lifestyle.

I was a little skeptical of yet another soft side cooler for my arsenal, but how wrong I was. This cooler works under the same simple roll top premise as a dry bag so it closes nice and tight- no leaks! I was able to pack it with ice and haul microbrew back from a road trip with no leaks in the car and the beer kept frosty cold even though the cooler sat in the car for more than 48 hours (in and out of the sun both days). I can't wait to take this on kayaking and canoeing adventures this summer, especially since it floats (honest, I was paying attention and paddling, its not my fault the boat tipped). The single strap is nice and handy so that you can carry this cooler on your back , but it is a bit awkward carrying it this way for long distances. I think the backpack version might be a bit less awkward for hiking.

I bought this for a camping trip because I needed to take my cooler to an island via kayak. Unfortunately, the cooler leaks when flipped on its side which filled my seat with ice cold water. Second, the ice melted before the 24 hour mark. This might be a return.

Absolutely love this thing! We cannot go backpacking without it now that we’ve gone with it. Pro tip: freeze as many of your items as possible (water, sausages, fries, etc) to keep everything colder longer. We used this on a two night trip to keep our food cold. Packed 4 small containers of fruit, 4 packs of 4 sausages, creamer, milk, water, and a bag of fries. We either carry it or strap it onto the back of one of our packs.

The cooler bag performs well, keeping items suitably cold for at last 24 hours. The roll-up open/close which requires the air valve on one side, takes some getting used to. Possibly not the best choice for day-to-day use just toting your lunch to the office.

I got this amazing classic cooler and it is just perfect for all my outdoor adventures!


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