YETI - Rambler Tumbler Straw Lid - 30 fl. oz.

Category: Camp Kitchen

Great replacement lid. Robustly constructed straw and lid. Straw has enlarged "bulb" that keeps it from being removed through the hole in the lid. So no lost straw. Typical YETI construction - built like a brick outhouse

I pre ordered this lid with straw for my 30 oz Yeti Rambler and love it!! Nice thick materials and durablely made. Way more convenient than the lid the cup originally came with. Will be using this one full time instead!

I just picked this up at my local REI and I love it! Prevents spills way better than the original lid does, and the material is awesome! I'll probably be keeping this on my 20 oz tumbler all the time!

There's nothing better than drinking your favorite beverage out of your favorite YETI! Except when you can sip your favorite cocktail through a straw in your YETI! This is great. Love it.

Really like this addition to the tumbler. Fewer spills and leaks while driving. Unfortunately I tried to purchase another at REI and seem to no longer offer the 30 oz straw lid

I like it. The straw is hard plastic (I would prefer soft, bendable plastic). There is also a gap left between the straw and the hole. This allows the straw to move around a little, which is nice, but it also means it splashes around if I have it in my backpack. Also, I dropped it and a piece chipped off. I was expecting something more durable from Yeti brand.

Love this addition to my yeti! I work as a nurse: and in between my time caring for patients and charting the care I just completed leaves no time to drink water which also means no bathroom breaks! I can stay hydrated at work while I chart away on the computer now with this straw. I just stick it in front of me and slurp down some water while I’m typing!

Bought this because the lid my Yeti came with spills the drink all over my face (combination of ice issues and user error, as I am as graceful as a hippopotamus). This lid fixes all my problems. No more spills!! I also feel that the ice lasts longer with the straw lid than with the lid it came with.

This lid is exactly what i needed to make my Non-Yeti cup totally perfect. This lid makes my 30 oz mug so much more useful and tons of easier to drink out of. It really helps to drink early and often. The construction is top notch and it seals extremely well.


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