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We bought this for our 6.5 yo. It’s a great bike. He’s learning to use the handbrake while still being able to have the pedal brake. Bike is lightweight, easy to ride, and great entry level trails, too.

The bike is light and easy-ish to ride. My son who is 6 and on the taller side and he is still awkwardly reaching for the handle bars Which makes the bike a little hard to steer. Something I hadn’t heard mentioned is that’s the peddles on this bike will do nothing but leave your cliffs legs torn and bloody! Bike could be great with some adjustments.

Impossible to mount training wheels. The rear axle studs have zero additional length for adding training wheels. Quite disappointing for an otherwise pretty nice bike.

This is a fantastic bicycle. It was for

One of the lightest bikes for this type. My grandson loves it!

Bravo it's a amazing bike built really good it good



What tools are needed to put this bike together? 

The bike comes mostly assembled and includes the necessary tools to complete the build.


My son is 9.. 4ft .. What do you suggest?

If he is 4' tall, he is just right for this bike. The 20 inch REV works well for kids who are 4' to 4' 5" tall, which means he can get several years of use out of this bike depending on how quickly he grows.


Can you fit training wheels on this bike?

Yes, you can fit training wheels on this bike. We recommend the Wald 742 Training Wheels Kit found in the link below.


My daughter took a small spill and the front brake piece came unhinged - can’t figure out how to fix.  Any online resources or videos available on small repairs?

We recommend you take the bike to your local REI bike shop for repair.


Is their a recommended height or inseam for the child to fit this bike?

A minimum rider inseam (crotch to floor with shoes on) of 22 inches is required for this bike.


Can you add a basket to this bike in the front or back?

Due to the size of the bike and the frame construction, there are very limited options to attach a basket to this bike. Please contact us at 800 426-4840 for further options.


Can I put the Wald W742 training wheels on this bike?

​Yes, the Wald 742 Training Wheels Kit is compatible with this bike.


Are alternate gears available to change the ratio for easier pedaling. The bike my daughter has now is very hard to pedal and they use non standard gears. As a result, she does not ride it.

We cannot make any changes during the purchasing of a bike, but our bike shops may be able to change the gears for you. Please contact your local REI bike shop to discuss your options:


What is diameter of riser bar? I would like to add and adjustable stem. 

The handlebars on this bike have a 25.4 mm diameter. We recommend checking with a bike tech at your local REI about replacing the stem on this bike.


What are the dimensions of the shipping box?

The bike is shipped in a box with the following dimensions: 44.85" L x 23.12" W x 7.95" H.


What is the stand over height and top tube length for this bike?

The standover height for this bike is 22 inches and the top tube length is 17 inches.


Can this be assembled without the pedals to start and used as a balance bike for a child still learning to ride? Is this bike noisy as one review said?

​This bike could be used as balance bike without pedals if you choose.


What is the seat post diameter? I'd like to put a quick release seat post clamp on this bike.

The REV 20 comes with a Promax seat post that is 27.2mm in diameter (250mm long) and is secured with an alloy seat collar clamp that is 31.8mm in diameter.


Does the seat raise up on these bikes?

​Yes, you can raise or lower the seat.


does it come in any other colors?

​As of June 2018, this bike is only available in the red hot color.


Just purchased!  Can the handle bar stem be raised for more comfortable ride position?

Modifications can be made to raise the stem. Please consult a certified bike technician at your nearest REI retail location for more information:


Can you attach training wheels to this bike?

​Yes, training wheels can be installed on this bike.


does this seat adjust forward any? I feel like my 5yr old may be btwn 16" and 20". the 20" seems like he may bend forward more to reach the handles. I know the seat raises up and down but by any chance does it tilt forward?  thank you

​The seat does not adjust forward.


Does it come with a kickstand? If not, can I put one on?

​Yes, a kick stand is included with this bike.


How long are the cranks on this bike?

​The bike has 127mm crankarms.


Is it possible to put fenders on a Coop Cycles Rev20 Kids bike (single speed version) ? If so, what brand/model of fenders ? Thanks

Due to the lack of braze-on mounting points, we do not have a recommendation for fenders for this bike.


Am I right that your size measurements are NOT actual frame size measurements but rather height from ground to top of seat tube? 

The 22 inch standover height measurement is taken from top tube to ground. The wheel diameter is 20 inches which is why we call this the REV 20. The minimum seat height is 21 inches and the maximum is 26 inches which is also taken from measuring from the seat to the ground.


I see the question and response on the "handle bar adjustable". I need clarification. Can the handlebar be raised or lowered?

You can adjust the seat height on this bicycle, but the handlebars are not adjustable.


Can you remove or disable the coaster brake?

No, the coaster brake is not designed to be disabled.


Similar to question above, what is the step-through height of the bike? Distance from ground to the top tube. Trying to determine if my 5 yr old can fit the 20" or needs the 16".

​The standover height for this bike is 22 inches.


Is the handlebar adjustable on this?

​No, this handlebar is not adjustable.


what are the min and max inseam heights for this bike ?

Unfortunately, we do not have minimum and maximum inseam lengths. However, the minimum seat height is 21 inches and the maximum seat height is 26 inches.


I suspect this bike is not training wheels compatible, but can you please confirm? Thanks in advance. Cheers!

This bike is training wheel compatible. Here is a link to our selection of training wheels:

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